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Resolution of the Mental Health Committee of the Benton-Franklin Community Health Alliance

Concerning the Implementation of a 0.3% increase in the general sales tax for criminal justice services, police officers, a mental health court, and diversion program for the citizens of Benton County.

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Community Health Improvement Plan for Benton and Franklin Counties

Community Health Improvement Plan
For the People of
Benton and Franklin Counties

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The Community Health Needs Assessment released its Executive Summary on January 14th, 2013 and Lack of Access to Care and Obesity are the top two local issues that Benton and Franklin County health professionals will be strategically addressing for the next several years.  The process took over 18 months involving a 23-member Steering Committee representing Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Lourdes Health Network, PMH Medical Center, Kennewick General Hospital, Benton-Franklin Health District, various social service agencies, business, PNNL, WSU-TC, CBC, Washington State Employment Security Department, DSHS, and area dental and nursing students.  The assessment included the top health concerns of over 1,800 people who responded to a community health survey, analysis of the health indicators of both counties, an assessment of the factors that could enable behavioral change, and an identification of all agencies and health services within the community that provide essential health services.

The next step of the process will be identification of specific actions that can be taken to address each issue.  The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) will be created in alignment with evidence based/informed methods and tailored by agencies to support and move towards achieving better population health.  The action plans will be measured and monitored to ensure that progress is being made, the goals of the strategic issues are being met, and the vision of the community is being realized:

Our Community is a place where we experience wellbeing by:

  • Fostering social, physical, emotional, vocational and spiritual wellness
  • Empowering people to make healthy choices in a safe environment
  • Coordinating access to comprehensive, affordable and integrated health care services for all.


The Benton-Franklin Community Health Alliance has its roots in the successful community effort to build and operate the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. The project brought the three hospitals together with a coalition of community leaders to meet a serious community need. The principals of the cancer center effort wisely recognized the opportunity to use their newfound energy and momentum to address other community health care needs. Thus, the Tri-Cities Health Care Task Force was born in 1993. Since that time, the composition of the group has changed as has its name.  In October of 2011 Prosser Memorial joined the group of hospitals to become the fourth hospital in the Alliance.  The Benton-Franklin Community Health Alliance was registered in Washington State as a non-profit corporation and received its IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status in 2002.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assess community health needs and to facilitate collaborative, community-wide solutions that provide affordable, high quality wellness and accessible health care to all residents of the Mid-Columbia.

The Community Council of the Health Alliance considers needs as they arise and authorizes the formation of new sub-committees as warranted. Active committees include:

  • Health Access Team
  • Domestic Violence Coordinated Community Response
  • Food and Fitness Coalition
  • Mental Health Committee
  • Oral Health Coalition
  • Tri-Cities Patient Safety Coalition
  • Tri-Cities Pain Management Network
  • The Alliance for a Livable and Sustainable Community (ALSC)

Other Initiatives include:

Annual Reports

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