Committees & Coalitions

The Health Alliance is no longer in operation. Here is helpful contact information for those interested in advancing community health.

Behavioral Health Committee

Chair – Courtney Armstrong

The Behavioral Health Committee passionately promotes acceptance, fosters resiliency, and encourages compassion to support recovery and the mental well-being of our community.


The Mental/Behavioral Health Committee meetings are held virtually via MS Teams at 3PM on the second Wednesday of each month.

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Courtney Armstrong

    Health Equity and Access Team (HEAT)

    Chair – Mark Brault


    The Health Access Team exists to position our community to access health care now and in the future.


    The Health Access Team meetings held virtually on Zoom the first Friday of each month at 8:30 AM.

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    Mark Brault

    Oral Health Coalition

    Chair – Lauren Spilles RDH, BA


    The Oral Health Coalition (OHC) is committed to educating medical and dental professionals on the importance of integrating dental and physical health care.

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    Lauren Spilles

    The Patient Safety Coalition is facilitated by Garill Coles, a nuclear safety engineer from PNNL. It focuses on patient safety issues and concerns shared by several local health care facilities.

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    Garill Coles

    Visit Youth Suicide Prevention Coalition Page

    Chair – Cameron Fordmeir


    To promote awareness and understanding that suicide is a preventable public health problem in the Benton and Franklin counties and to encourage our community to talk about it.


    Coalition meetings are held at 9:30am the first Wednesday of every month via Zoom.

    Download the Events Calendar here.


    Members represent diverse sectors of our community and have a common passion to see an end to youth suicides.

    Current focus

    The Youth Suicide Prevention Coalition wants to help our community learn that suicide is a preventable public health problem. Talking about suicide is the best way to prevent it from happening. 

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    Cameron Fordmeir

    Suicide Reporting Guidelines for Media pdf download here.

    Meets at 3:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month via Teams.

    Contact Annie Goodwin


    Meets at 8AM on the first Wednesday of each month via Zoom.

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    Kathie Kasper

    Meets at 12:30 PM on the third Monday of each month. Meetings are held in person and via Teams.

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    Honor Crawford

    Meets at noon on the third Wednesday of each month via Teams.

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    Daphne Gallagos


    Meets at 3 PM on the fourth Monday of each month via Teams. 

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    Kelly Lewis