Mental-Behavioral Health

Mental-Behavioral Health Committee

Chair – Pat Lacy


Meeting details

The Mental/Behavioral Health Committee passionately promotes acceptance, fosters resiliency, and encourages compassion to support recovery and the mental well-being of our community.



The Mental/Behavioral Health Committee meetings are held in the Benton-Franklin Health District Board Room on First Wednesdays, except July, at 3 pm.



Our community is a place where compassion for our mental well-being is demonstrated by:

  • Promoting positive attitudes toward mental health awareness
  • Providing timely access to quality mental health services
  • Working to identify and eliminate barriers to individualized care
  • Advocating for sustainable funding to support the mental health system


Current focus

The committee is currently advocating a comprehensive review of mental/behavioral health services in Benton-Franklin counties. Committee members are working to create opportunities for community conversations to normalize the idea of mental/behavioral health as an essential part of overall health.


The Mental/Behavioral Health Committee is also drafting an information handout with information on what to expect when you or someone you care about is receiving mental/behavioral health care. This will lead to a better understanding of mental health and the challenges people who live with mental illness face every day.


Members of the Behavioral Health Committee are also members of an Ad Hoc Task Force working to address the problem of suicide in our community. There are a number of events scheduled for the month of September, Suicide Awareness Month.


Recent Activities

Committee members conduct community forums and classes for families, first responders, and other professionals. An example is Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for first responders. CIT provides law enforcement with tools to assist individuals with a mental illness, and improves the safety of patrol officers, consumers, family members, and citizens within the community.