Oral Health

Oral Health Coalition

Chair – Lauren Spilles RDH, BA



The Oral Health Coalition (OHC) is committed to educating medical and dental professionals on the importance of integrating dental and physical health care.



The Oral Health Coalition meets in the Benton-Franklin Health District, Classroom 2 on the first Thursday of each month (except July and August) from 5:30-to-7 pm.


Current Focus

The Oral Health Coalition produces the annual Eastern Washington Medical-Dental Summit, for clinicians of both disciplines. The summit features practical clinical applications informed by the latest research to enable physicians and dentists to improve patient care and community health.


Recent Activities

The Oral Health Committee hosted a dinner for primary care providers and pediatric dentists to discuss early childhood dental problems and coordinating care between the medical and dental providers of children ages 0 to 5 years old.


The Committee is also working to increase the number of dentists practicing within Federally Qualified Health Centers. This need is an ongoing priority.